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Why our team loves working here

As much as we love our team, we’re happy to hear that they also love working at BPC! When we asked some of them, “What do you most enjoy about working here?” this is what they had to say:

“I appreciate working with team members who genuinely enjoy their jobs!” Ashley Moore, Accounting Manager

“I enjoy all the different locations I get to visit daily and building relationships with our customer base.” David Bullen, Jurisdictional Inspector

“One reason I love working at BPC is the chance to travel. On the job, I’ve been to Turkey, China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, and many locations throughout Europe. I also appreciate working alongside helpful and communicative staff, experiencing the independent, flexible, and trusting environment at BPC, and I take pride in working for the number one company in the country for Jurisdiction Online inspections. For over 30 years before starting with BPC, I worked in other large insurance and fortune 100 companies – but BPC has been my most professionally satisfying experience.” Anzar Hasan, Chief Inspector/Chief Engineer

“Every day is like the TV show How It’s Made and this keeps me happy in my work. I also appreciate the ability to schedule directly with our customers as this makes family time possible.” Brain Mallynn, Western Regional Supervisor

“I appreciate how fellow inspectors and leadership are always there to assist. We live in a digital age now, so if an inspector needs confirmation on a suspected violation, that help is only a phone call away.” Darryl Royal, Jr., Jurisdictional Inspector

“The job independence: I get to just go out, work hard, and do my job. My supervisors, Tim and Brian, are very supportive and are there to help when I need it. We’ve also got some terrific inspectors who are great resources for jurisdictional questions.” DJ Wallace, Jurisdictional Inspector

“I enjoy making our processes easier and working with the inspectors to identify ways to do high-quality inspections and then implementing those ideas into our standard work procedures. We are always looking for an easier way to do the best inspection we can do.” Del Schirmer, Central Region Leader

“The most enjoyable thing about this job is that every day – for the most part – is different; it’s so much better than sitting in an office cubicle, seeing the same walls day in and out.” Forrest Andrews, Jurisdictional Inspector

“The people! BPC has the best employees. Every single person that I have worked with has been helpful and friendly.” Heather Crask, JO Account Manager

“I enjoy the challenges of teaching young guys about the paper mill industry – what takes place and how it works. It’s rewarding watching them grow into good inspectors.” Paul Bourgeois, Jurisdictional Inspector

“My excellent field staff and the office support folks ensure that we can operate in the field as efficiently and effectively as the high workload requires. We operate at a technical level that ensures the customer gets the kind of inspection that not only satisfies the jurisdictional requirements for them to operate, but also provides them with relevant advice and information that helps them maintain reliability and safety.” Tom Kiernan, East Coast Regional Supervisor

Interested in joining our team? We’re actively hiring in Mississippi, Indiana, and California; learn more about the positions and submit your resume today at

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