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Jurisdictional Boiler Inspections

All of our jurisdictional boiler inspectors are commissioned through the National Board of Boilers and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. Each inspector is highly experienced and is commissioned in multiple state jurisdictions to maximize efficiency and provide flexibility for our client’s scheduling needs. We have representatives currently participating on national board and state jurisdictional committees to help develop engineering standards and procedures.

As an authorized inspection agency through XL Insurance America Inc., a Delaware insurer that is part of AXA XL Group of companies, our inspectors are able to provide the required inspections in all jurisdictions throughout the United States. Established relationships extend our jurisdictional inspection reach to both Canada and Puerto Rico as well.

Boiler and Machinery Risk Assessments

We provide tailored equipment breakdown surveys by understanding our clients’ industries and identifying risks in order to help our loss control consultants develop sound risk management implementations. Our expertise covers many global industries including utilities, mining, chemical, pulp and paper and production.

All of our Boiler and Machinery Risk Assessment consultants have extensive industry experience and help serve as extensions to our customers risk management team. By applying Global Engineering Excellence to all aspects of our services, we help our customers develop the reporting tools used to gather and apply the information they need.

Property Loss Control Solutions

We provide property surveys directly to our customers. Our property loss prevention consultants conduct commercial lines field visits tailored to customer needs with documentation and customized commercial reports.

Our team identifies the following: current state of the facility, the common and hidden hazards present, external exposures, and suggested improvements based on recognized industry codes.

We strive to understand your business and how hazards can impact operations. The ultimate goal of this service is to identify and prevent potential losses.

Typical property visits include:

  • A detailed survey of your plant location(s);
  • A complete narrative description of management programs, construction type and quality, description of use of buildings, operations, protection systems, production or storage hazards, and recommendations to reduce the hazard;
  • Photographic images to provide visual context;
  • A sketch showing the site layout and critical fire protection equipment

Completed reports are sent in a PDF format via email. If you have any questions regarding our full line inspection services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Global Engineering Excellence

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