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Q4 Operations Update

By Manny Regateiro, Executive Operations Manager

The operational focus in 2019 was to capitalize the “intangibles” to differentiate ourselves from the marketplace. Now in the fourth quarter of 2019, we are seeing the fruits of that labor. Over the last few months, we have spent time with our industry partners and have heard the same message from all of them: our organization is creating an environment which is recognizably different. The overall delivery of services that BPC engages in daily is setting the bar at a level others cannot match.

The #1 compliment we have received in 2019 is the quality of our communication. In the age of technology, the expectation of how information is shared has increased to an almost immediate response of acknowledgment back to our customers. From the initial request for information via phone/email, through the delivery of the final product, our customers are noticing the urgency in which we conduct our business. The tonality and level of customer service BPC delivers is now exposed to the marketplace and being discussed among our competitors. This is an “intangible” many companies cannot achieve. Our partners and direct customers are expressing their desire to exclusively use BPC for their engineering needs. This is an amazing compliment we want to cement into our culture.

So how do we continue to live up to this reputation? 

Keep it simple. Always address every request as an equally important interaction. When we communicate with our customers there is no prioritization of which request should be handled first. This urgency is appreciated by all of our customers. We always have a positive attitude and this is translated through our phone calls, emails, and onsite personalities. Our partners and customers feel we are a part of their overall risk program. 

We appreciate the staff for their flexibility, professionalism, and desire to be the best in the industry. We continue to explore new tools and processes to assist the operation. If you have any feedback or ideas, please share them. BPC has been successful because we all contribute and believe in our future.

Many thanks for helping us reach this “intangible” goal. 

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