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President’s Notes – May 2020

Wow, what a year!  

We’ve experienced some drastic highs and lows in a very short time period. January, February and through mid-March, we were going full steam ahead. All units were producing at capacity and we had plenty of work inventory to keep everything going. Everything came to a crashing halt as the COVID-19 Pandemic hit and our operating landscape changed overnight.  States were issuing shelter-in-place orders, travel was restricted, and many of our customers either closed or severely limited access to their facilities.  

Faced with all of these daunting challenges, the BPC team did what all great teams do: we adjusted and adapted to all of these challenges. We kept on working, so we could meet our commitments to our customers and keep them safe and in compliance. 

I’m happy to report that we were able to get through April without touching our reserves.  Now in May, with loosened travel and shelter-in place-restrictions, our customers are starting to re-open their facilities.  

As we move into June and the rest of the year,  our work will ramp up quickly as our customers want delayed inspections to be completed immediately.  Doing so will again require our BPC team to adjust and adapt to meet this increased demand.  I know that with a team as adaptable and professional as BPC’s, we will continue to meet any and all challenges head-on, finding new ways to meet and exceed our client’s expectations in the delivery of our best-in-class services.  

Our team continues to amaze and impress me daily. During this pandemic, our Jurisdictional Team hung on to the #1 position for managing our overdues for the 30th straight month.  That’s 2.5 years at #1. Wow!  I couldn’t be prouder of how well we are dealing with all the challenges of 2020, while still hitting milestones worth recognition.

Thank you for your dedication.

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