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Plus One

By Brandon Loveridge

During this year’s NCAA men’s basketball tournament we watched Villanova take the whole thing in a leisurely win over Michigan. Among many of the exciting plays during a basketball game is the “plus one”. This is when a player is fouled during a dunk or a layup and gets a free throw for the chance to score an additional point for his team.

We have the opportunity to do the same thing here at BPC. A “plus one” play for us is the ability to work in one (or more) additional inspections while on a road trip. We have picked up several new accounts recently that are perfectly suited to this strategy. McDonald’s, Pilot Travel Centers, Costco and Albertson’s are all accounts that have a large number of locations in relatively easy to access areas.  However these accounts are very competitively priced which means they need to be grouped with other inspections instead of spending eight hours to service one individually. With McDonald’s for instance, we are getting $300 per location. It costs us on average $125 per hour for an inspector to do an inspection. This includes wages, travel expense reimbursements, benefit allocations, and company overhead. So you can see that the McDonald’s account needs to be serviced in two hours or less.

So here is how a plus one play can help BPC come out ahead. Inspector A has three inspections in the next town over. Total scheduling, travel, inspection and report writing will be around 15 hours, or $1,875 in expense (15 hours at $125/hour). These three sites are priced at $600 each, for total revenue of $1,800. You can see this trip is upside down by $75. However, if Inspector A can work in two McDonald’s locations along the way at an additional two hours, now we are looking at $2,400 in revenue for 17 hours ($2,125) for a profit of $275.

We have seen several guys execute this play already and we really appreciate it! It makes a huge difference. You may not realize it, but with 40 guys in three regions, each person’s contribution makes a big impact on the company. Each person’s contribution times 40 is how we do for the month. Keep up the great work in the field, and remember your plus one inspection whenever you can. Those points will help us win the game!

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