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Operations Update

By Manny Regateiro, Operations Manager

It’s that time of year! Colder weather, holidays, and last-minute calls to inspect boilers before the real cold arrives!

2018 has certainly flown by and in a blink of an eye, we are already looking into 2019. Everything from JOL to hardware provided to field engineers has been enhanced.

We have been able to maintain our #1 position in JOL for 12 consecutive months concerning overdue objects. This accomplishment is a team effort. We encourage you to continually strive to have your territory “a bit ahead” in scheduling. This helps deliver a high-quality customer experience as well as securing our renewal business. The main response and question I receive from customers is “will the inspector call me when the object is coming due, or should I chase them down?” The other question I receive is from brokers asking “why hasn’t this account been kept current, please provide the inspection dates for the overdue objects before end of policy term”. Even at the #1 spot, we are asked these questions.

All AIA’s deliver inspections. How the inspection experience impacts the customer is the differentiator. All of you have done a good job at being proactive scheduling inspections to better manage your territory. However, we can do better. Please continue to look 30 days ahead of current month. Please make your calls for inspections due in the next month, now – in the prior month. This will show the customer we are informed, taking ownership of their inspection needs, and showing the industry we really are the standard. If there are no contacts in JOL or non-responsive sites, please notify me within one week of efforts

The number of inspectors participating in our scheduling tool is growing. However, some of you are still not using it. By the end of 2018, we would like to see all engineers using this tool. The value added to the customer is priceless when we can let the risk management team know when an inspection may take place. If you need help understanding this tool, please call your supervisor. This will be something the supervisors will account for in future performance reviews.

Operationally, our goal for 2019 is to be the difference in the marketplace. Sure, you may have heard that before, but if it was easy, everybody would be accomplishing this goal. This means going the extra mile from the first contact to the resolution of certificates being received. The intangibles are the differentiators separating us from the other AIA’s.

These are the qualities Boiler & Property Consulting was built upon.

Thank you for your continued efforts; we are very grateful for such a professional team.

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