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Meet Tom Kiernan

Meet Tom Kiernan! He works as our East Coast Regional Supervisor and has been with BPC for about 10 years. In this Q&A, we got to talk to him and find out more about his job, his family, and his hobbies.


BPC: What do you do as East Coast Inspector Supervisor?

Tom: I supervise 10 field inspectors who conduct inspections in all states east of the Mississippi, from Maine to Florida. I perform risk assessment surveys for clients at their facility as needed, and I do casualty investigations and root cause reports.


BPC: What kind of objects are you typically inspecting?

Tom: I inspect internally and externally, high and low pressure boilers, ammonia refrigeration plants, oil and natural gas processing plants, pumping stations and associated tank farms, and any pressure vessels associated with CO2 storage. 


BPC: What are some interesting things you’ve seen on the job?

Tom: The very large power generation stations and facilities that transport oil and natural gas, drug manufacturing facilities, and the paper processing plants are most interesting to me. Most people have no idea of what it takes to maintain electricity and natural gas for their homes, gasoline for their cars, prescription drugs, everyday paper products, and ready-to-eat processed chicken. The scope and complexity is fascinating, and ensuring it is all safe and reliable is an enjoyable challenge. 


BPC: What do you enjoy most about working here?

Tom: My excellent field staff and the office support folks ensure that we can operate in the field as efficiently and effectively as the high workload requires. We operate at a technical level that ensures the customer gets the kind of inspection that not only satisfies the jurisdictional requirements for them to operate, but also provides them with relevant advice and information that helps them maintain reliability and safety. 


BPC: What do you think sets BPC apart from your competitors?

Tom: We do the most detailed and thorough inspections possible and provide useful information to the customer and the state jurisdictions. This ensures the highest level of safety, reliability, and efficiency that any customer could ask for. 


BPC: Tell us about your family and life outside of work.

Tom: I retired from the US Navy (22 years) and MAERSK Line Shipping (23 years). My wife Mary Beth and I have been married for 34 years, and we have three children – two sons and a daughter. 

My oldest son, Dan, has been a paramedic in VA Beach for 10 years after college and is now getting his masters degree as a physician’s assistant at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk. 


My middle son, Zach, also a former volunteer city medic for several years in VA Beach while at Virginia Tech, completed medical school at Eastern Virginia Medical School and is now married and a resident general surgeon at Virginia Commonwealth Hospital in Richmond, VA. 


My daughter, Caitlin, who is also a former volunteer city medic in VA Beach, completed her BS in Biology and a BS in Nursing and is working as a trauma nurse. She is married and just had her first child and our first grandson. 


Outside of work, I volunteer with the City of VA Beach Emergency Medical Services as President and member of one of the 10 volunteer rescue squads providing first due EMS. I enjoy studying US history and traveling to historic areas. My wife and I also love grandparenthood.


BPC is fortunate to have such a great leader on our team. Thank you for all you do, Tom!

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