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Looking Forward to Continued Growth!

By Manny Regateiro

BPC continues to steam roll along at a blistering pace. Operationally, our success has been through the combined efforts of field staff and support services. We have practiced our motto “the right people in the right places” by adding additional staff members in key areas. With our continued growth heading into 2018, many future enhancements to the overall process will be coordinated.

As a group we are doing a good job with JOL. Over the past two years BPC has evolved from never using the program to now owning the top spot for two consecutive months among insurance companies/inspection service providers for the least overdue inspections! This was a tall task given the climate of the industry and initial administrative cleanup we completed for our customers. Many of our customers had been with multiple insurance companies using JOL but never had a clean object inventory. Through everybody’s efforts in the field updating location data to the administrative development of policies in JOL, we can effectively provide our customers with accurate data of their objects and distribution preferences. We receive ongoing compliments relating to the engineers’ efforts to correct prior providers mistakes. Thank you for this continued attention to detail when entering inspections.

Please continue to use the scheduling tool in JOL. We have invested in this feature to help the overall account management process deliver a higher level of service and visibility to our customers. If you have any questions regarding the functionality, please contact your supervisor. Our customers are becoming more inquisitive as to the servicing of their facilities and the scheduling tool is invaluable in providing visit confirmation to the customer.

Our Regional Supervisors Tim, Tom, and Del continue to provide an abundant amount of field personnel development and overall support to the organization. They have been very active in creating processes to assist field inspectors, represent BPC/XL at industry events, and provide feedback from all of you in the field. The information is put into practice quickly and has helped in deciding which resources are implemented. Many thanks for their efforts over last year’s busy holiday season.

Be safe out there as winter has its last few moments. If there is anything we can do to help, please don’t hesitate to contact the office.

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