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Inspector Views

We love our inspectors here at BPC! Their work ethic, positive attitude and attention to detail are unmatched. 

One of our inspectors sent us some photos showing the kind of things they flag on a job site. If you find these photos interesting, we are always looking for great people to add to our team! Check out our careers page to see if we might have an opportunity near you. 

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A mud drum is where any solids drop out once boiler water is heated and turned into steam. The tube inside is an additional feedwater heater and the holes in the top are where the water goes through the tubes of the boiler to be heated.

Grouping of local pressure gauge, boiler sight glass level, and remote boiler level indicator.

This large Feedwater heater uses flue gas to heat the water before entering the boiler. The pipe coming off the stack is the flue gas return. It’s used to lower the burner temperature, reducing the burner’s production of nitrous oxides.

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