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Inspector photos show a day in the life

We are proud of the team of inspectors we employ here at BPC. They never fail to treat our customers well and ensure that the job is done right. They also get to see some interesting things in the field. One of our inspectors snapped photos of various pieces of equipment on a job site – have a look. 


Here is a typical high pressure fire tube boiler that is ready for service.

 This shot gives a look inside a firebox. The walls – called a “waterwall” – are actually tubes welded together which create the majority of the steam in a watertube boiler. To keep the metal from overheating, there is a refractory on the middle of the floor to cover the mud drum and the ceiling to cover the steam drum. The horizontal tubes in the back are what’s called the superheater section. They contain steam and heat and expand with the hottest part of the flame of the boiler.

This is the blower for the boiler that supplies combustion air to the burner. Note that the electrical is tagged out in the electrical bunker.

On the outside is the burner, with all valves associated with the pilot burner and the main burner. The grey metal to the left of the burner is where the fan connects and supplies the burner air.


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