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From the President

By Venus Newton, President

We’ve had a strong year to date, despite experiencing a higher level of competition than before on every account we write. The increased competition has pushed us to substantially increase our production efficiency in order to remain competitive with our pricing. Thanks to your team efforts we have managed to meet this competition head on by increasing our operational efficiencies while still maintaining the highest level of service available in the market.  The final numbers are not in yet, but it looks like we are going to hold onto our first-place position of being the best at managing our overdues as ranked by JO for an entire year.  It’s always a challenge to ensure we deliver the highest level of customer service, while being aware of the cost associated with delivering this service, but you, our team, are doing a very good job meeting this challenge.

While we’ve done a good job so far, we still need to continue to look for ways to improve our personal efficiencies, which roll up into overall company efficiencies.  Then with increased efficiencies we can ensure that our pricing is competitive so that we can continue to grow our business in a profitable manner.  In an organization the size of ours, each member of our staff has a significant impact on our overall results – both positive and negative.

We have plenty of work to keep us busy through the end of the year with jurisdictional inspections and Boiler and Property Risk Assessments. This time of year can be particularly trying to get work done, between all the holidays, hunting season and winter weather, but we have an experienced staff who all know how to navigate these challenges. I am confident we will finish the year strong and set the stage for another successful year in 2019.

The details are still being worked out concerning AXA’s acquisition of XL Catlin, but we expect business to remain as usual during this transitional phase as they figure out all the legalities and nuances.  Going forward, it just means we’ll have additional opportunities for growth in all areas of our business.  In the meantime, please be patient as the details are finalized.

Keep up the good work and be safe during this busy time of the year!

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