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From the President

By Venus Newton

Overall, our first quarter of 2018 was good. We were recognized by JO as having the lowest percentage of jurisdictional overdues of any JO user for the entire quarter. Quite the feat considering that we brought on Georgia-Pacific in February.  The Georgia-Pacific transition went very smoothly, and we continue to provide extremely satisfactory jurisdictional inspection service to them.  Generally speaking, all of our customers are very happy with the level of service that we provide to them.

Competition is really heating up for all of our existing business and especially for new business.  Our ability to be competitive on all of our service lines depends entirely on how effective and efficient each of you are in the delivery of our services.  It is always a challenge to figure out how to meet our customers’ demanding needs while at the same time managing costs, but that is the challenge that comes with being part of BPC.  Our success as an organization depends solely on our ability to deliver the highest level of service to our customers at a competitive price.  When setting up your schedules you need to be constantly looking for that one more piece of work you can accomplish during your trip –  whether it be a short stop to knock out a Jurisdictional inspection of a heating boiler or air tank on the way to a large multi-acre manufacturing site or to group a number of Property or EB Risk Assessments into a single trip so that you get as much work done as possible when you are in the field.  All of this contributes to our long-term success and ability to win new business and retain the business we have.  We have been very successful with this approach for the CO2 initiative in Georgia, where we have 12 months to inspect 8,000 or so pressure vessels at as many locations.  Grouping them all together and bringing inspectors in from outside the state has allowed us to manage this mass of work very well so far.

As always, change continues to happen to us and all around us.  AXA Insurance announced that they will be acquiring XL later this year.  Great news for XL shareholders as they saw their XL shares jump about 60% or so in value.  However this acquisition will have very little, if any, impact on our relationship with XL or our business in general.

It is important that we continue to work closely together with the home office supporting the field and the field communicating their needs back to the home office.  We are all in this together and together we will continue to succeed in providing the very highest level of customer service to all our clients, big and small.


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