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Operations Update

Duc Exercitum – “Lead the Way”

This is our operational creed for 2020. BPC embarked on its journey a decade ago, and with this new decade, 2020 is poised to supersede all previous years since our inception. Our company has constantly evolved into a recognizable brand and has created a standard in our industry. For over 2 years we have maintained the #1 Jurisdiction Online ranking for the fewest percentage of overdue objects among all AIA’s. We pride ourselves on providing the “intangibles” which cannot be measured. Our customers even acknowledge these accomplishments. But is it enough?

We all know the answer to this question: It’s never enough. The moment we maintain throttle and not accelerate through the curves in the industry, we provide opportunity for others to make ground. So how do we continue to accelerate, stay ahead, and stand out from the competition? We stay vigilant, responsive and explore new ideas. We search for the “One More” opportunity. One more inspection, one more survey, one more sales opportunity, one more phone call or email to close the loop of communication. These intangibles are priceless and the interactions pay dividends.

We will continue to adjust our procedures and apply the ideas all of you have been providing, from modifications to the reports we provide our customers, to the processes and tools we implement to assist the field staff that delivers the highest quality product to our customers.

All of us work together to support our culture which is the heartbeat of BPC. That’s the differentiator which “Leads The Way”. We have added quality people who have already added an amazing value and contribute to the culture.

As always, we are open to ideas no matter the size and impact!

Be safe and thank you for your efforts.

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