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Duc Exercitum – “Lead The Way” Part II

Our operational creed “Leading the Way” for 2020 is proving to be true this quarter with the events of COVID-19. Maintaining our #1 Jurisdiction Online ranking for fewest percentage of overdue objects among all AIA’s and our flexibility in accommodating COVID-19 operating procedures, we have certainly “Lead the Way” in our industry.  When other AIA’s parked their staff, our staff “Lead the Way”. To say we are proud of everybody’s efforts and how they pushed forward during lockdowns and supported essential customer businesses, would be an understatement.

So what aspects of the operation are going to help “Lead the Way” through this new reality? Here are a few priorities we would like help with:

  • Safety. Going forward individual safety is paramount. Please be sure to adhere to all local and site guidelines when making inspections. Your wellbeing is foremost. Please be sure to complete all daily logs and maintain good health.
  • Communication. Most states have begun opening and loosening restrictions. Daily, more customer personnel return to work and locations overdue or currently due are feeling a large amount of urgency to get back in compliance. Your diligence in returning calls and answering emails will be key to our creed.
  • Flexibility and Efficiency. Please be sure to look a bit further out to help consolidate travel to areas with density. Maximizing your trip s will help catch up any overdues and service current objects. Some areas may even include future inspections to allow travel to other areas with additional needs. 

We appreciate your efforts and dedication. We have accomplished a great deal during a time in which uncertainty was the only unknown.  

Stay Safe.

Manny Regateiro 

Executive Operations Manager.

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