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Goals Keep Us Moving Forward

I read an article recently about Steven Schwarzman, the chief executive of Blackstone Group Inc., who talked about setting big goals for himself and his company. If “you’re going to commit yourself to something, it’s as easy to do something big as it is to do something small,” he writes. I’m a big fan of goal setting, both personally and with our business, because it keeps us working together on what really matters and it challenges us to accomplish things we might not otherwise. 

As an organization, BPC has several overarching goals that influence the way we do business. The first is that we want to be the authorized inspection agency of choice. This simply means that we want to provide a better customer service experience for our customers than our competitors do. Accomplishing this means we have to do a lot of little things well, day in and day out. With rare exception, everyone is doing a great job communicating with customers, turning reports in quickly, taking extra time when needed to make thoughtful recommendations and keeping overdue objects to an industry leading minimum. In fact, our JO ranking of 22 straight months of lowest overdues has really made the industry sit up and take notice. We have heard that several of our competitors are scrambling to match our lead in this area.  So, well done! 

Our second major goal is that we want to be the employer of choice for inspection professionals. This means that we want to be the place where inspectors want to come to work. We recognize that there are several other places you could take your skillset to earn a living. But BPC simply can’t be the AIA of choice without a superior field team. And great people recruit other great people. Thanks to many of your referrals, we have hired a record 12 new employees this year, and expect to bring on several more  before year end. We plan to increase the competitiveness of our wage and benefit package best as we can, and will continue to emphasize employee training and development. We are very much open to your input in this area, so feel free to pass on any ideas you may have. 

Our third broad goal is to be financially nimble. This means we strive to keep our inspection pricing as competitive as possible while maintaining a high level of customer service. Inspections are what we do. We don’t have millions of dollars of insurance premium to cover engineering costs. Being competitive price-wise means that we will continue to win and renew business which gives each and every inspector more work in his territory. This is why we track the profitability and average inspection time of each account, each inspector and each region. The more efficient we are in the field, the more aggressively we can be with our pricing. Efficiency = wins and renewals = more work for everyone. 

Thank you again for your diligent work in the field. You are the face of BPC and AXA XL to our 750+ customers, and we would not be here today without your professionalism day in and day out. 

Q4 Operations Update

By Manny Regateiro, Executive Operations Manager

The operational focus in 2019 was to capitalize the “intangibles” to differentiate ourselves from the marketplace. Heading into the fourth quarter of 2019, we are now seeing the fruits of that labor. Over the last few months, we have spent time with our industry partners and have heard the same message from all of them. Our organization is creating an environment which is recognizably different. The overall delivery of services that BPC engages in daily is setting the bar at a level others cannot match.

The #1 compliment we have received in 2019 is the quality of our communication. In the age of technology, the expectation of how information is shared has increased to an almost immediate response of acknowledgment back to our customers. From the initial request for information via phone/email, through the delivery of the final product, our customers are noticing the urgency in which we conduct our business. The tonality and level of customer service BPC delivers is now exposed to the marketplace and being discussed among our competitors. This is an “intangible” many companies cannot achieve. Our partners and direct customers are expressing their desire to exclusively use BPC for their engineering needs. This is an amazing compliment we want to cement into our culture.

So how do we continue to live up to this reputation? 

Keep it simple. Always address every request as an equally important interaction. When we communicate with our customers there is no prioritization of which request should be handled first. This urgency is appreciated by all of our customers. We always have a positive attitude and this is translated through our phone calls, emails, and onsite personalities. Our partners and customers feel we are a part of their overall risk program. 

We appreciate the staff for their flexibility, professionalism, and desire to be the best in the industry. We continue to explore new tools and processes to assist the operation. If you have any feedback or ideas, please share them. BPC has been successful because we all contribute and believe in our future.

Many thanks for helping us reach this “intangible” goal. 

Yankee Dryers: Head/Shell (Crevice) Corrosion

Prepared by Anzar Hasan (Chief Inspector)


The purpose of this technical bulletin is to advise inspectors engaged in the inspection of Yankee Dryers to be aware of a head/shell corrosion condition. This condition – and corrective action taken by the mill – should be a topic of discussion during the Yankee Dryer inspection and evaluation process.

There have been catastrophic failures of Yankee Dryers since the tissue paper manufacturing industry started utilizing Yankee Dryers. Due to the increasing number of failures that often require replacement of the dryers, the issue was taken up by TAPP in 1985. Studies such as finite element and root cause analysis were completed and several papers were submitted and published in TAPPI. 

This crevice corrosion is a serious condition, and if not detected, could result in cracking of the head and shell. Depending on the size of the dryer, the replacement cost could exceed $3M, with a delivery time ranging from 9 to 14 months. If detected in the early stages, repairs and modifications can be satisfactorily completed.

In the majority of cases, the crevice corrosion started from the head spigot corner and clamp fit of the head and shell flange. The investigative studies concluded the problem was caused by chemical showers during the tissue paper drying process. The chemical showers are used to improve creeping characteristics of the paper. Uneven temperature condition in the head and shell caused a gap between the head and shell flanges at the outside radius, reducing the efficiency of the clamping force. The chemicals seep into the gap, resulting in corrosion to form in the crevice.

The growth of crevice corrosion is slow and difficult to detect as the shell deformation is masked by natural shell wear and the shell grinding process.

Special gauges are used to measure head tilt, head to shell spigot loss and establish crevice corrosion severity. 

Nondestructive examinations techniques are also utilized to track corrosion growth and verify Yankee dryer structural integrity. These tests included acoustic emission and ultrasound.

The head/shell joint on new dryers has been modified to reduce and/or stop the crevice corrosion. If the corrosion is detected in the early stages, older dryers can be modified with successful results.

The methods utilized include:

  • Removal of crevice corrosion by machining substantial cutback of the head outside diameter to remove corrosion-jacking force that concentrate stresses at the head spigot corner.
  • Bore out the existing bolt holes and upgrade the bolt size to increase the clamping forces necessary to overcome permanent deformation caused by crevice corrosion jacking. 
  • Remaining dryer life should be calculated as recommended by engineering and/or Jurisdiction requirements.

Fall 2019 Message

Happy fall, everyone. I hope this message finds you all doing well. BPC certainly is doing well. All of our indicators are in line with our expectations and the trends look very good for us to finish the year on very solid footing. Year-to-date, we have seen solid growth in all sectors, including our property group. The Jurisdictional Segment continues to hold on to the #1 spot in JO for managing our overdues for 22 straight months; if my calculations are correct, it will be 23 straight months whenever the September report comes out.

We also continue to diversify and grow our portfolio of customers. Customers are now seeking us out directly due in large part to the reputation we have built in the industry. In my travels and meetings, it never ceases to amaze me how complimentary our existing customers are to our organization. They can’t say enough about our professionalism, responsiveness and overall quality of our work. All of this is a direct result of your efforts. There are many factors that got us to this point, but I think one of the main things we do better than anyone else in the industry is that we get a response back to our customers within 24 hours of them reaching out to us. We don’t always have the response they are looking for, but we do get back to them and start addressing their issues.

We’ve gotten to this point through hard work and dedication and it is going to take continued hard work and dedication to maintain our reputation and to improve it. We can never rest on what we did yesterday as all customers want to know, “What are you going to do for me today and tomorrow?” In order to continue our growth, we need to constantly look for ways to improve our services and pull our customers closer to us, so that it is “painful” for them to move their services elsewhere. As long as we work as a team, we will continue to be viewed as the best company to work with for the services we offer.

I thank each and every one of you for all your efforts. I look forward to each day’s challenges in a positive light, as I know that I am working with the best team in the industry.

Jurisdictional Pressure Vessel Inspection Service

It is vital to conduct regular inspections on both modified and new pressure vessels. Periodic inspections not only help to ensure that regulatory standards are met but dramatically assists in the prevention of personal injuries and accidents. 

In the United States, pressure vessel and boiler inspections are regulated by state laws. Though inspection standards vary in different jurisdictions, high-pressure boilers in most cases require a single internal inspection and another external inspection yearly. Low pressure boilers, unfired pressure vessels, and fired water heaters also have set inspection standards with inspection frequencies ranging between 1-5 years.

Additionally, most states are required to periodically inspect industrial refrigeration systems that have boilers and machinery insurance contracts. Despite multiple insurance programs being available today, they, unfortunately, do not include these inspections in their package. This should, however, not cause you any worry. Jurisdictional pressure vessel and boiler inspections by Boiler Property & Consulting can help you overcome that challenge.

What do jurisdictional pressure vessel inspections and boiler inspections entail?

– Licensed boiler inspectors performing formal tests and inspections in all jurisdictions.

– Inspection of boilers and pressure vessels are done based on the jurisdictional codes.

– Performing consultation on quality control, welding, metallurgy and nondestructive examination based on the set codes.

– Carrying out jurisdictional inspection as required by the government then issuing certificates after that.

– Carrying out pressure vessels inspections as per the prescriptions by Mine Safety and Health Administration.

– Ensuring that the fabrication used on boilers, components and pressure vessels complies to the standards set by the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and the ASME.

– Launching training programs on ASME, boiler maintenance, boiler operations, and quality control protocols by the national board.

– Regularly tracking the expiration of certificates.

– BPC providing clients with the necessary documentation.

– Assisting clients in coming up with corporate standards that comply with the provisions of the law.

What benefits can you get from BPC jurisdictional boiler and pressure vessel inspection?

– You can get all the jurisdictional pressure vessel inspection services at BPC. We are also a fully licensed and accredited agency and give the highest quality services.

– At BPC, you can get extensive services, Property Loss Solutions, Boiler and Machinery Risk Assessments, Jurisdictional Pressure Vessel Inspections Services / Jurisdictional Boiler Inspections.

– You are sure to get quality and efficient services at BPC since ASME accredits it.

– BPC holds itself to the highest standards and you can expect expertise and professionalism, and this assures you of quality service.

– You can get inspection services not only in the United States but globally.

Are you looking for jurisdictional pressure vessel inspection services? At Boiler Property & Consulting, you can get quality jurisdictional pressure vessel and boiler inspection services with exceptional customer service.

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