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COVID-19 Update

As a state-authorized inspection agency, Boiler and Property Consulting, LLC, provides an essential service to other essential businesses during the COVID-19 crisis, which means we’re still meeting our customers’ inspection needs as usual. The need for state-mandated safety inspections of boilers and/or pressure vessels that are being used by essential businesses as part of their normal operations has not stopped during this time. We’re also continuing to provide our customers with the highest level of customer service available in our industry while ensuring the safe operation of their equipment and facilities.

We are following all CDC guidelines during the performance of our work and are doing our part to prevent the spread of coronavirus and maintain a safe work environment for the employees of essential businesses.

Meet Del Schirmer

Meet Del Schirmer! Del leads BPC’s Central Region and works with 13 national board inspectors. We recently chatted with him to learn more about who he is and what he does. Keep reading for our Q&A with Del.


BPC: What kind of objects are you typically inspecting?

Del: Our inspectors and I inspect all sizes and types of boilers and pressure vessels to ensure safety and jurisdictional code compliance. We do simple, small pressure vessels and utility-size boilers fired with various different fuels, and every size in between. 


BPC: What are some interesting things you’ve seen on the job?

Del: The most interesting things I see on the job are the variety of people the inspectors work with on a daily basis. 


BPC: What do you enjoy most about working here?

Del: I enjoy making our processes easier and working with the inspectors to identify ways to do high-quality inspections and then implementing those ideas into our standard work procedures. We are always looking for an easier way to do the best inspection we can do. 


BPC: What do you think sets BPC apart from your competitors?

Del: We do the right thing.


BPC: What do you like to do outside of work? 

Del: My wife, Susan, and I have raised four boys. We gained three amazing daughters-in-law and two of those couples are parents of our three granddaughters. My hobby is bicycle riding.


We appreciate the hard work and leadership Del provides to our team. Thank you, Del!


Boiler & Property Consulting, LLC Ranked #1 by Jurisdiction Online for 28 Straight Months

For 28 straight months, Boiler & Property Consulting, a Buford, GA jurisdictional boiler inspection firm operating in conjunction with XL Insurance America (XLIA), recently announced it was ranked #1 by Jurisdiction Online for maintaining the lowest percentage of overdue objects.

Each month, Jurisdiction Online releases a report ranking users on their percentage of overdue objects. BPC has maintained the lowest percentage of overdues and stayed at the top of the list for the past 28 months.

“It’s such an honor to be a part of this organization and receive monthly acknowledgement from JO for over 2 years in a row. Here at BPC, we don’t just talk about customer service, we also deliver the highest level of service in our industry,” says Venus Newton, president of Boiler & Property Consulting.

Since its beginning, BPC has quickly grown to be one of the top boiler inspection companies in the United States. The company has inspectors nationwide and services all industries including power generation, basic metals, chemical, steel and pulp & paper.

The company has used Jurisdiction Online for the past five years. Jurisdiction Online supports regulatory code enforcement workflows, risk management workflows and jurisdictional accounting needs associated with regulatory activities. Its products are used by agencies in 31 states, more than 90 local jurisdictions and multiple Fortune 500 and private sector companies, including major insurers involved in the boiler and pressure vessel (BPV) market.

CFO’s Update

2020 has started with a bang and we are excited about our growth prospects for the rest of this year. We are still in the running for the Post Office account, and we are also seeing traction with several major insurance brokers as a result of our new Sales and Marketing Manager, James Standart, who joined us in January from Liberty Mutual. Also our #1 ranking from JO, now at 27 straight months, continues to resonate extremely well with customers and brokers alike.

All this growth means we need you more than ever! Your skillset and work ethic are how we get business done. We have one of the most dedicated and talented staff in the industry and part of that reason is that great people attract other great people. Every time we hire a colleague you’ve referred, we further broaden and deepen our team.

Here are some things we are doing in 2020 to advance our goal to be the Employer of Choice for inspection professionals:

  • Replacing Ford Fusion line up – as the Fusions hit 150,000 miles, we are replacing them with the brand new, 7 th generation Subaru Legacy. The Legacy is best in class for reliability, has standard all-wheel drive, and has an upgraded interior for extra space and comfort.
  • Referral bonuses for new employees – Most of you know we pay a $1,000 referral bonus for any colleague you recommend who is hired at BPC. We had three employees last year that earned this bonus.
  • New account commissions – If you recruit an account that you previously serviced at one point in your career or are responsible for landing a new account, we will pay you 1% of the contract value upfront, plus 20% of the profit at the end of the first year of servicing.
  • Counseling benefit through Humana – Sometimes you need to talk to someone. We are working with our broker to add an Employee Assistance benefit that will make licensed counselors available by phone to help employees with various work and life issues such as wellness, stress management, substance abuse counseling, and even legal and financial guidance. These services are both confidential and free to eligible employees.
  • Expanded 401(k) Investment Choices – we are working with Paychex to expand the selection of investments in our 401(k) plan. This benefit will allow employees to purchase individual stocks and bonds, as well as a much wider variety of mutual funds. I will share more information on this soon.

As always, give me a call with any questions, comments or concerns. Your feedback makes BPC a better place to work. Stay safe, well and healthy as we head into a busy Spring.

Meet Anzar Hasan

Meet Anzar Hasan, our Chief Inspector/Chief Engineer!  Anzar has worked with BPC since 2010, and some of his responsibilities include:

  • Providing technical support to inspectors and technical assistance to customers
  • Developing training courses and training inspectors directly
  • Developing practices and procedures for the inspection and evaluation of B&PV, mechanical and electrical equipment
  • Inspecting boilers, pressure vessels, HVAC equipment, gas and steam turbines, compressors, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and any other object you can imagine


One reason Anzar loves working at BPC is the global perspective it’s given him.


“BPC has taken me almost around the world visiting manufacturing plants in countries that include Turkey, China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia and all over Europe,” Anzar said. “In addition to insurance loss prevention surveys, it gave me a great opportunity to travel around the globe and learn to appreciate cultures and their differences, discover new cuisines, and quickly adapt and communicate with people who were not fluent in the English language.”


Anzar also appreciates working alongside helpful and communicative staff and experiencing the independent, flexible, and trusting environment at BPC. He takes pride in working for the number-one company in the country for Jurisdiction Online inspections. Prior to BPC, Anzar worked in other large insurance and fortune 100 companies. He says, though, that BPC has been his most professionally satisfying experience! 


On a more personal note, Anzar has a love for owning and driving motorcycles and high performance sports cars.


“I am an outdoor person and like to travel, meet and interact with people,” he said. “I have ridden motorcycles for over 40 years, and am a proud owner of a Lotus Super Seven race car and a 650 HP eight speed Corvette Z06 and have memberships in Corvette, race and muscle car clubs and groups.”


Anzar married his high school sweetheart who supports and enjoys his hobbies, and is, in his own words, his best friend. Their son is an attorney and lives in Washington, DC, and their daughter is an electrical engineer and lives about a mile from them in a suburb of Dallas, TX. They also have a granddaughter who is, quite simply, their pride and joy.


Thank you, Anzar, for all you do for BPC!

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