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Boiler & Property Consulting, LLC Celebrates 4 Years at the Top

We are excited to announce we have stayed at the top of Jurisdiction Online’s monthly percentage of overdue objects report for four years!

“I don’t even know what to say. When we started down this road, I never expected to be so dominant in our ability to maintain the #1 position” said Venus Newton, president of Boiler & Property Consulting. “The dominance is due to the incredible professionalism and ownership of our team members and their commitment to doing right by our customers. 

“Not only do we perform all of the required inspections on time, we perform top-quality inspections on time. We have the best team in the industry hands down and these results more than speak for themselves.

“I am so incredibly proud of the BPC team for maintaining this level of service for our customers for four years in a row – and when you have a team dedicated to customer service, the sky’s the limit.”

BPC is a Buford, GA jurisdictional boiler inspection firm operating in conjunction with XL Insurance America (XLIA) and consistently ranking #1 by Jurisdiction Online for maintaining the lowest percentage of overdue objects. With inspectors nationwide, we service all power generation industries, including but not limited to: basic metals, chemical, steel, pulp and paper.

BPC has used Jurisdiction Online for the past six years. Jurisdiction Online supports regulatory code enforcement workflows, risk management workflows and jurisdictional accounting needs associated with regulatory activities. Its products are used by agencies in 31 states, more than 90 local jurisdictions and multiple Fortune 500 and private sector companies, including major insurers involved in the boiler and pressure vessel market.

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