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Training our new hires

Our team is growing! Last month, our Southeast Regional Supervisor, Joey Burgess (pictured at right), had the opportunity to train three new inspector hires (pictured L-R): Robert Johnson, Ivan Puig and Kegan Tracey. Read to hear his thoughts on the experience.

BPC: How often do you get to train new hires here at BPC? 

Joey: We have four regions that need to be constantly reviewed, due to work management needs for company growth, retirements and more. Training is usually conducted as needed at our Buford office, and this was my first time being a part of the process. 

BPC: What do you think sets apart your training process from other companies in the industry?

Joey: We do more hands-on training that goes into further detail on our standard work procedures. Also, the competition is still doing online or webinar training, and we believe this reduces the potential for direct understanding and a more personal experience. 

We concentrate on individual client needs and working with each individual inspector. That way, we can help and supply them with the needed tools to perform their jobs well. I can attest that this helps to distinguish us from the competition, because [inspection] is not a one size fits the way I encountered it at other companies I’ve worked for. 

At BPC, we strive to instill in all employees the importance of customer service, not just production numbers, reports or a quota that must be met each month – quality for the customer, not quantity.

BPC: What is your favorite thing about training folks in this area of work? 

Joey: As a supervisor, being able to help define and develop the next generation of new inspectors is extremely rewarding. The job of an inspector can be very tough, but when you watch the students begin to understand what it is we do and why, you get that feeling of accomplishment and know that when the student begins their role, they understand that we protect lives and equipment and provide consultant service for customers.

BPC: What has been one of the proudest moments you have seen from your investment training these new team members?

Joey: There’s nothing as rewarding as when customers write in glowing reports on how a certain inspector saved down time or monies due to their abilities. We have multiple customers who have stated they want no other competition inspectors coming into their facilities – only ours who have been properly trained.

October 2022 President’s Award Recipient

Congratulations are in order for the October President’s Award recipient: Mark Edwards! Prior to coming to BPC, worked for various boiler inspection organizations and more recently, he Mark worked in the oil and gas pipeline industry. Beginning his time with BPC part-time in March 2020, Mark came on full-time that October – and it’s been great to have him. 

“October had been a long month, traveling as far as Minnesota and as far south as the Mississippi Gulf Coast,” Mark said. “I was tired from long hours and being away from home and my family. But being recognized by the management team made the hard work seem so worth the effort and gave me a huge boost, adding wind to my weary sails. 

“I was immediately both elated that my family was able to gain from the absence but also personally gratified being recognized for a job well done.

This hardworking attitude and willingness to go the extra mile is a large reason why Mark was selected for the President’s Award this October. 

“Mark works hard to effectively and efficiently maintain his own territory of Tennessee and Alabama, consistently remaining below 1% overdues. Mark is also willing to go to other areas of the country to help cover vacancies; he’s visited Minnesota, South Dakota, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. In October alone, he completed a total of 147 location visits and inspected 194 various objects. 

“His willingness to help out where needed – along with his attention to detail – demonstrates his knowledge and effective delivery of inspection expertise. These are what BPC is known for and what we should all keep in mind as we go about our regular activities,” said Venus Newton, BPC president. 

On receiving the award, Mark said, “I’m always grateful to both Joey Burgess and Del Schirmer for their leadership – and for verbalizing to Venus Newton their appreciation of me stepping outside my own backyard. I’m thankful for Venus as well, for taking notice of the field staff and not only verbalizing appreciation and giving a generous monetary gift for affirmation,” he said. “The most rewarding aspect of BPC is that you get compensated for your work effort and work ethic, and our management team takes the lead in the industry on how to properly show respect for their inspection staff.”