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November President’s Award Recipient

Another month means another award is going to one of our amazing inspectors, and we’re happy to announce the recipient of the November President’s Award: Tim Craddock!

During November, Tim completed a total of 112 visits: 101 regular and 11 CO2. He issued 49 violations and cleared another 16, and he also managed his territory very efficiently, averaging around 2.0 hours per visit and providing same-day reports for his inspections. 

“It’s a great privilege to receive this award knowing there are so many Most Valuable Inspectors working for BPC,” Tim said. “I couldn’t have done it without the great support staff that I work with.”

BPC President Venus Newton is grateful for Tim’s work ethic: “Tim performs at a high level each and every month, and in November he went above and beyond in his delivery of service to our customers. For his continuous example on how to effectively manage a territory, his contribution to BPC’s ongoing success, and his dedication to providing our customers with the highest quality of inspection services, I want to personally thank Tim for a job well done.”

Congratulations, Tim! We’re glad you’re a part of our team!

Meet our newest inspectors!

We’re happy to see BPC growing more and more. Recently, we’ve brought on two new members to our team; read on to learn a little more about them.

Give a warm welcome to Jason Ware! 

Jason joins Del Schirmer’s Central region team as a Jurisdictional Inspector. He’s based out of Cleveland, Ohio. He comes to BPC with over nine years of experience working as a boilermaker for Cleaver Brooks in California and Tennessee. 

Jason notes, “I’m looking forward to the freedom and flexibility that BPC can offer.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife of fourteen years, traveling and photography. 

BPC is grateful to have you come on board, Jason! 


Meet Skylar Cossaboon!

Skylar is joining our east coast team as a boiler inspector apprentice. Based out of Richmond, Virginia, she’ll work with Tom Kiernan’s team. 

Skylar shares, “I am eager to learn all things inspecting and gather as much information as possible. I am excited to work alongside some very impressive inspectors.” 

In her spare time, Skylar enjoys spending time with her husband and family and being a mom to her two dachshunds, Remington and Rubeus. A self-proclaimed foodie, she also loves trying new restaurants and food. Be sure to ask Skylar about her pastime of bodybuilding and weightlifting.

We’re so glad to have you with us, Skylar!

An inspector’s perspective: severe boiler damage

Curious what a boiler inspector inspects on a given day? Today we’re looking at a high-pressure boiler that was in serious need of help. 

First up – the feedwater inlet piping for this high-pressure boiler. Not only did the water chemistry at this location need to be adjusted, but the feedwater piping was also so corroded that it had to be replaced.

Here you can see the build-up of scale on the internal surfaces of the boiler. In some cases, the scale is greater than 1/4″, which resulted in the overheating of the furnace and/or tubes. 

Due to the overheating of the firetube boiler, several tubes have “blown”. 

Catching these issues before they worsen any further helps avoid potential danger. We’re grateful to be able to provide quality inspections that create safer working environments for our customers. 

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October President’s Award Recipient

It’s no secret that BPC has the best employees, and we love to recognize them for their hard work and attention to detail. One way we do that? Our monthly President’s Award. Each month we award an inspector $1,000 and they receive acknowledgment of a job well done from our president. We’re glad to give credit where it’s due!

David Bullen, a jurisdictional inspector in the northeastern region, took home the September 2021 President’s Award. David recently obtained a Commonwealth of Massachusetts Commission. He not only passed the exam the first time he stood before the commissioning panel, but also received a strong endorsement from that team. We are proud of him and his hard work! 

BPC President Venus Newton noted, “For passing the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Commissioning Oral Board with flying colors and representing BPC in such a positive light, David is being awarded the $1,000 President’s Award for the month of September. His preparation and knowledge is what BPC is known for and what we strive to keep in mind as we go about our regular activities.”

On receiving the award, Dave shared, “I feel really honored to be selected for the President’s Award in recognition for passing the Massachusetts board exam.

“It felt really great to pass the exam the first time. It made all the time spent preparing for the exam feel worthwhile, and I would like to thank Tom Kiernan and Dan Couch for helping prepare me for the exam.”

Meet Paul Bourgeois

Meet Paul Bourgeois. Paul is a part-time jurisdictional inspector in the southeast region, but his consistent dedication to BPC won him the July president’s award. Paul was also recently re-appointed to the Alabama Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessels, where he will provide direction for public safety. We’re grateful for his leadership, work ethic and willingness to help however he’s needed.

Read on to get to know Paul better!


BPC: What is your role at BPC and how long have you been working here?

I’ve been with BPC for two years, and I’m a senior risk control consultant. My job consists of working and mentoring younger inspectors when we’re working on larger plants. I’ve handled a lot with Georgia Pacific and CO2 stuff, mostly in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee.

BPC: What did you do before you came to BPC?

I started my career straight out of high school as a licensed Marine engineer on ships and did so for three years, sailing Coastwise tankers. In order to start a family, I left and became a boiler inspector with an insurance company and stayed with it my whole career of 47 years.

BPC: What do you enjoy most about working at BPC?

I enjoy the challenges of teaching these young guys about the paper mill industry – what takes place and how it works. It’s rewarding watching these men grow into good inspectors.

BPC: What do you think sets BPC apart from your competitors?

BPC is a great company that really grows, develops, and invests in people. We do things the right way!

BPC: Tell us about your family and life outside of work. 

I live on sixteen acres of land and spend most of my time there or volunteering with my church in a program called Care Construction, which provides free home repair work. I also teach a class every Friday morning at a juvenile detention center, mentoring young men there. 

My wife Shirley and I moved to Tuscaloosa from Houston and have four kids and five grandchildren. A fun fact about us is that we’re big Alabama, Crimson Tide fans.


Thank you, Paul, for the great work you do. We’re glad to have you on our team!

A piece of history – the world’s largest still-active steam locomotive

Here’s something you don’t get to see every day: the world’s largest still-active steam locomotive, the Union Pacific Big Boy 4014. Though there are many non-operational locomotives you can observe, being able to see and hear the movement, steam and whistle in action are a unique and exciting experience for a boiler inspector. 

Our Western Regional Supervisor, Brian Mallynn, recently took his kids to visit this amazing piece of equipment, and explains why it’s so important to men in his line of work. 

“My kids (Evan, 11 and Emma, 9) have had the opportunity to see many stationary, non-operational locomotives, but seeing this locomotive in action – moving, making noises, leaking steam out of different parts, and feeling the tone of the whistle in their chest – was a whole new experience. The conductor told me that the superheated whistle is much louder than the saturated steam whistle we heard. He also said that the bottom blow, at pressure, shoots between 75 and 100 feet from the boiler. 

“As a boiler inspector, I can’t take my kids to work – it’s just too dangerous. Even if I could, all they would really see is a machine and a room full of equipment, not the way it all works. They would see the flame of the burner, but not what its steam does. A locomotive, however, is like a manufacturing facility on the go, and one that my kids can understand. It shows how steam is made and how it’s used. They can hear the whine of the steam turbine generator and the whistle, see the fire, the steam, and the power of the movement of the train. 

“Getting to see this train in action is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence! I hope that someday my kids will show their kids the pictures and videos of this day, realize why we went, and want their kids to experience it too.”