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Meet Dan Powell

Meet Dan Powell!

Dan is from the small town of Waterloo, located in southern Illinois. He began a welding career in St. Louis, and from there began to travel as a welder. By going through the boilermakers apprenticeship, Dan became a journeyman boilermaker and then spent five years working boilermaker jobs all over southern Illinois. 

He’s been training to become a boiler inspector in the central region. Dan is looking forward to the challenge of passing the National Board exam and becoming a commissioned inspector for BPC in Illinois.

Along with reading and traveling, Dan is a passionate hunter and outdoorsman, enjoying hunting, hiking, and maintaining the property he and his wife own. 

We’re glad to have you on the team, Dan!

Boiler & Property Consulting, LLC Celebrates 3 Years at the Top


Boiler & Property Consulting has been ranked a consistent industry leader by Jurisdiction Online for the last three years. BPC is a Buford, GA jurisdictional boiler inspection firm that operates in conjunction with XL Insurance America (XLIA) and has consistently ranked #1 by Jurisdiction Online for maintaining the lowest percentage of overdue objects.

Jurisdiction Online’s monthly report ranks users on their percentage of overdue objects. BPC has continued to maintain an industry-leading, lowest percentage of overdues over the course of three years.

“This achievement is simply the manifestation of the hard work and professionalism of our team,” said Venus Newton, president of Boiler & Property Consulting. “At BPC, we take customer service seriously. By working closely with our customers, we ensure that they receive quality inspections on time in order to keep their equipment operating safely and in compliance with state regulations. It is nice to be recognized for doing the right thing, and I’m very proud of our team for hitting this three year milestone.”

BPC is one of the top boiler inspection companies in the United States. The company has inspectors nationwide and services all industries including power generation, basic metals, chemical, steel and pulp and paper.

The company has used Jurisdiction Online for the past five years. Jurisdiction Online supports regulatory code enforcement workflows, risk management workflows and jurisdictional accounting needs associated with regulatory activities. Its products are used by agencies in 31 states, more than 90 local jurisdictions and multiple Fortune 500 and private sector companies, including major insurers involved in the boiler and pressure vessel market.

A Holiday Message from Our President

2020 has been a year full of challenges and triumphs for BPC.  Like most businesses, we’ve had to pivot the way we operate, but one thing hasn’t changed: our commitment to excellence with our customers and with each other. Our hardworking team has kept BPC a consistent leader on Jurisdiction Online’s list of the lowest percentage of overdue objects during this busy year.


To our current clients: know that we feel such gratitude for our amazing clients like you. You keep us motivated to give our best and we are truly proud to have the opportunity to serve you. May the rest of this year bring you many happy moments, successes and memories.


For those we don’t yet serve: please know we would love the opportunity to help you with your inspections, property loss control solutions and risk assessments.


From all of us here at BPC, we wish you and yours a Happy Holiday and New Year.

– Venus Newton, President of Boiler & Property Consulting

Inspector photos show a day in the life

We are proud of the team of inspectors we employ here at BPC. They never fail to treat our customers well and ensure that the job is done right. They also get to see some interesting things in the field. One of our inspectors snapped photos of various pieces of equipment on a job site – have a look. 


Here is a typical high pressure fire tube boiler that is ready for service.

 This shot gives a look inside a firebox. The walls – called a “waterwall” – are actually tubes welded together which create the majority of the steam in a watertube boiler. To keep the metal from overheating, there is a refractory on the middle of the floor to cover the mud drum and the ceiling to cover the steam drum. The horizontal tubes in the back are what’s called the superheater section. They contain steam and heat and expand with the hottest part of the flame of the boiler.

This is the blower for the boiler that supplies combustion air to the burner. Note that the electrical is tagged out in the electrical bunker.

On the outside is the burner, with all valves associated with the pilot burner and the main burner. The grey metal to the left of the burner is where the fan connects and supplies the burner air.


If you’re looking for a career pivot, consider a job with BPC. We’re always on the lookout for new candidates, so take a look on our careers page to see if there are job openings near you. 

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What Our Team Loves About BPC

We’re so grateful for our amazing team here at BPC – they always go above and beyond both in their work and in the way they support one another. 

We asked some of our team members what they enjoy most about working here. Read on to learn what they said: 


“The people! BPC has the best employees. Every single person that I have worked with over the last 15 months has been helpful and friendly.”

– Heather Crask, Account Manager


“I enjoy all the different locations I get to visit daily and building relationships with our customer base.”

– David Bullen, Jurisdictional Inspector


“The most enjoyable thing about this job is that every day – for the most part – is different; it’s so much better than sitting in an office cubicle, seeing the same walls day in and out.”

– Forrest Andrews, Jurisdictional Inspector


“I appreciate how fellow inspectors and leadership are always there to assist. We live in a digital age now so if an inspector needs confirmation on a suspected violation, that help is only a phone call away.”

– Darryl Royal, Jr., Jurisdictional Inspector


Want to learn more about working at BPC? We are always looking for new candidates and would love to add another friendly face to our team. 

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