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What’s new? CO2!

BPC provides jurisdictional inspections and risk assessment services on a global basis to clients in all industries. This allows us to meet the needs of our clients anytime, anywhere. One service we’re especially excited to be offering is CO2 inspections.

Since the early 1900s, there have been pressure vessel regulations in place for CO2 tanks. These were established as a result of numerous catastrophic failures that caused considerable loss of life and property. Today, there is widespread use of CO2, resulting in closer attention given to the use and safety of these tanks. 

In July 2013, the National Board Inspection Code developed specific guidelines governing the installation of CO2 tanks. Then, in July 2016 the NBIC published the guidelines governing the inspection of in-service CO2 tanks.

  • 17 states require that installation permits be completed and filed prior to the installation of CO2 tanks by a state-issued licensed installer. 

In addition,

  • 25 states require the periodic inspection of CO2 tanks by “Commissioned Inspectors” – that’s us! 
  • The period in which inspections are required can range from annually to once every five years. 
  • However, in each of these states, it is illegal to operate a pressure vessel without a current inspection/certificate.

No matter where your state falls within these varying guidelines, we know one thing: we can help your company remain in compliance with local codes. BPC has a proven and trusted track record of timely inspections and maintenance.

Need a CO2 or other vessel inspected? Get in touch with us today at or call 844-248-6599.