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March 2022 President’s Award Recipient

President’s awards go out each month to recognize amazing team members, and hearing about each recipient’s dedication every month never gets old. The winner for the month of March is Jason Ware!

Jason joined the BPC team late last year, and quickly hit the ground running. Even while he’s still learning some of the ropes, he brings professionalism and consistency to everything that he undertakes. He not only has a strong understanding of code, but an even stronger relationship with our clients – he continuously receives great feedback from his customers.

“Jason has been instrumental in helping us test the newest in-progress property survey,” said Venus Newton, BPC’s president. “He’s also helped to refine and streamline some of our SWPs, all while maintaining his production at 72 regular completed inspections in March with an average time per inspection of 2.9 hours/visit – and in a territory that’s down an inspector.”

His example has won him the $1,000 President’s Award for the month of March, and he recognizes several men as playing a role in his success.

“I work for a great company full of great people,” Jason said. “Really, everyone I’ve reached out to within BPC has been nothing but kind and helpful to me.

“Venus Newton has done an amazing job in creating a great place to work with a family-first mentality. I can’t thank Del Schirmer enough; he’s been a great boss and mentor. Mark Edwards, Dan Powell, and Darryl Royal Jr. have also been a big help to me – always available to answer questions, offer advice, and even help out in my territory.

“I’m humbled that I would be selected for this award.”

Meet BPC jurisdictional inspector, DJ Wallace

DJ Wallace joined our team as a jurisdictional inspector eight years ago and works mostly in Texas and Oklahoma.

Before coming to BPC, DJ was a deputy inspector with the state of Oregon performing jurisdictional first inspections along with steam piping inspections, a unique opportunity for an inspector.

Currently, DJ works mainly on boilers, ranging from utility-class water tube steam boilers and scotch-marine firetube boilers to building hot water heating boilers. But across his 14 different jurisdictional commissions, DJ has been exposed to many different boilers, pressure vessels and machinery. He’s inspected boilers in power plants, paper mills, as well as in the aerospace, oil and gas industries, allowing him some unique experiences like:

  • Seeing F-35 fighter jets up close and in assembly
  • Being escorted through areas very few people can access at federal hydroelectric dams
  • Going to the largest Kinder Morgan facility in the Western Hemisphere, where 10%-15% of all U.S. gasoline and diesel fuel is consumed
  • Inspecting the oldest still-in-use boiler he’s seen: a 1904 boiler near downtown Portland

He also performs risk surveys, including most of BPC’s Kinder Morgan surveys. 

To DJ, some of the highlights of working at BPC are the high level of job independence and working with supportive supervisors and helpful fellow inspectors.

DJ and his wife of 31 years, Karen, have two adult children, Ben and Ellie. They own a lake house on Lake Livingston, where they spend most weekends. In his spare time, DJ enjoys bowhunting, mainly for deer and turkey.

We’re so grateful for your contribution to our team, DJ; thank you for all you do!

Interested in a job with the best company in the industry? Click here to learn more about becoming a BPC jurisdictional inspector.