Monthly Archives: October 2021

October President’s Award Recipient

It’s no secret that BPC has the best employees, and we love to recognize them for their hard work and attention to detail. One way we do that? Our monthly President’s Award. Each month we award an inspector $1,000 and they receive acknowledgment of a job well done from our president. We’re glad to give credit where it’s due!

David Bullen, a jurisdictional inspector in the northeastern region, took home the September 2021 President’s Award. David recently obtained a Commonwealth of Massachusetts Commission. He not only passed the exam the first time he stood before the commissioning panel, but also received a strong endorsement from that team. We are proud of him and his hard work! 

BPC President Venus Newton noted, “For passing the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Commissioning Oral Board with flying colors and representing BPC in such a positive light, David is being awarded the $1,000 President’s Award for the month of September. His preparation and knowledge is what BPC is known for and what we strive to keep in mind as we go about our regular activities.”

On receiving the award, Dave shared, “I feel really honored to be selected for the President’s Award in recognition for passing the Massachusetts board exam.

“It felt really great to pass the exam the first time. It made all the time spent preparing for the exam feel worthwhile, and I would like to thank Tom Kiernan and Dan Couch for helping prepare me for the exam.”