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What Our Inspectors Love About BPC

What do you enjoy most about working at Boiler & Property Consulting? Recently, we asked some of our inspectors this question; here’s what they shared. 


“I take pride in being part of the number one ranked team in the country for jurisdiction online inspections. And I love the way that BPC trusts their employees! Our level of job independence greatly reduces the work stress, improves productivity, and promotes ownership. The administrative staff is very helpful, and all employees work as a team, communicate with each other, and share their expertise when required. 

BPC has the tools to create a uniform loss prevention reports format, which increases accuracy and enhances quality. And flexibility through scheduling my own workload and itinerary for business travels allows me to exercise my time management skills.”

– Anzar Hasan, Chief Inspector/Chief Engineer


“My excellent field staff and the office support folks ensure that we can operate in the field as efficiently and effectively as the high workload requires. We operate at a technical level that ensures the customer gets the kind of inspection that not only satisfies the jurisdictional requirements for them to operate, but also provides them with relevant advice and information that helps them maintain reliability and safety.” 

– Tom Kiernan, East Coast Regional Supervisor


“Every day is like the TV show How It’s Made and this keeps me happy in my work. I also appreciate the ability to schedule directly with our customers as this makes family time possible.”

– Brian Mallynn, Western Regional Supervisor


“I enjoy making our processes easier – working with the inspectors to identify ways to do

high-quality inspections and then implementing those ideas into our standard work procedures. We are always looking for an easier way to do the best inspection we can do.”

– Del Schirmer, Central Regional Supervisor


“I enjoy the job independence – to simply go out, work hard, and do my job. My supervisors, Tim – who trained me in risk surveying – and Brian are both very supportive and helpful. BPC also has some terrific inspectors that are always happy to answer my jurisdictional questions.”

– DJ Wallace, Jurisdictional Inspector and Risk Surveyor


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Welcome, Joey Burgess

Meet Joey Burgess, BPC’s new Southeast Regional Supervisor.

Joey joins BPC with over 45 years of experience in boiler operation, repair and construction. Prior to coming onboard, Joey had been the Chief Engineer for Liberty Mutual for four years and Chief Inspector for FM Global in the Dallas Operations for over 16 years. He started with the US Navy in 1975, was on active duty until 1988, and ten years later, retired on active reserves as a Boiler Technician Chief Petty Officer.

Joey lives in Pilot Point, TX, where the 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde was shot on location.

Joey says, “I am married to my wonderful wife, Lori. I have 4 daughters: Melinda (a Vet), Erica (English school teacher), Brianna (Nurse) and Ariana (studying to become a vet). (God has a sense of humor to keep me broke). I enjoy competing in long range precision shooting (suppressed and unsuppressed) in 6.5 Creedmoor, 308 Winchester and .338 Lapua Magnum.

“I am excited for the opportunity to be a part of the BPC team!”

Welcome to the team, Joey!